Bioheat Fuel

For a greener fuel option, ask your local oil provider about heating with a biofuel. As demand for the clean, green alternative fuel is becoming increasingly popular, more and more New Hampshire oil heat providers are adopting the fuel as an offering for their customers.

While standard home heating oil is becoming cleaner each year with new technologies and advancements, alternative fuels like Bioheat®, made from biodiesel and standard #2 heating oil, are helping to revolutionize the heating oil industry.

  • Bioheat incorporates biofuel made from renewable resources, like recycled vegetable oils, with standard home heating oil for a more environmentally-friendly alternative fuel.
  • The biofuel is produced domestically, aiding in our efforts toward energy independence and helping to create more jobs in the U.S.
  • This solution promotes more efficient system operation and lowers emissions.
  • Most conveniently, adjusting to biofuel requires absolutely no system modifications to your current heating system.
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