Why Enroll in a Budget Plan?

Did you know that most heating oil delivery companies offer budget plans to their customers to help alleviate the pressures of current fuel prices? That’s right. You enroll in budget plans for most of your day-to-day uses, from your phone to your car and just about anything else. Why not do so with your fuel usage as well? When you think about it, it just makes sense. When it comes to keeping your home comfortable, most heating oil providers will let you spread your payments out to avoid the stress of winter heating costs. Continue reading this blog post to learn how a heating fuel budget plan works.


How a Heating Oil Budget Plan Works

A budget plan typically works by your heating oil provider estimating your total usage in gallons for the year. They will then add this number up and divide it by 10-12, depending on how long their payment plan lasts. Some providers will have payment plans that extend a full year while others will have plans that are ten months long.

While on the budget plan, you’ll likely get the benefit of being on convenient automatic oil delivery. Your provider will deliver your oil when you need it, and you’ll have a regular monthly payment.

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What Are the Benefits of an Oil Payment Plan?

The benefits of a budget plan are obvious! When your lump-sum winter heating costs are spread out through the year, you’ll benefit from a low monthly payment rather than impossible heating bills. This way, you can calculate your fuel costs into your regular home comfort budget like all your other bills and know what to expect each month while keeping comfortable and having peace of mind that your fuel tank is covered.

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Enroll in a Heating Fuel Budget Plan in NH Today

Does a budget plan sound like an excellent fit for your home and family? Get in touch with your heating oil provider today to see what their offerings are. Summer is usually the period in which companies have customers enroll, so don’t wait to get started.