Heat and Humidity vs. Your Oil Tank

Summer is finally here! At this time of year, we know New Hampshire residents are focused on staying cool and keeping the heat outdoors. Your heating equipment is probably the last thing on your mind! But what if we told you that summer is a crucial time to evaluate and maintain your heating system?

Before you get swept up in summer fun, here are some tips to keep your oil tank safe and secure between heating seasons:

Fill Up to Protect Your Tank

While it might seem strange to place a fuel delivery in June, it is the best way to protect home and your investment. Here in New England, summer is notoriously humid. Moist air can cause condensation inside the fuel storage tank, leading to buildup that can later corrode its structure. This corrosion can cause the need for unexpected repairs or replacements down the road. When your tank is full, there is no space for this buildup to occur.

Benefits of Off-Season Fuel Delivery

  • Prevent oil tank corrosion to greatly reduce the risk of oil spills and property damage.
  • Extend the lifespan of your tank to avoid an unanticipated replacement in the near future.
  • Take advantage of preseason fuel rates, which are often lower than prices during the fall and winter months!

It pays to plan ahead. Take these steps now to help your oil tank beat the summer heat!