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As energy options continue to diversify, and alternative energy sources grow, there’s a lot to be said about a longstanding product that remains competitive.


The heating oil industry has advanced in terms of  technology, environmental benefits, and  service options, making heating oil an excellent fuel choice for home heating. Overall, heating oil remains a competitively priced fuel for New England homeowners and business owners, and choosing oil as your New Hampshire home’s energy source means that you won’t have to make any expensive modifications or conversions to your heating equipment. The simple use of heating oil adds up in cost savings over the seasons. The best way to save on your heating oil costs is to keep your oil heating system maintained with an annual tune-up and to upgrade your system every ten years or when it loses efficiency.

  • Upgrading your current oil heating equipment is much more affordable than converting to a new energy source, though it’s likely not even necessary if your system is in good condition. Your annual tune-up is a quick service that can help your system operate more efficiently to reduce your fuel costs even more this winter!
  • Depending on the condition of your equipment, upgrading your current oil-fired system or simply scheduling your annual tune-up can help improve efficiency and reduce your fuel costs.
  • Annual tune-ups and upgrades will significantly improve your fuel economy, which means it will take less oil to keep your home comfortable, making the savings more valuable to your budget.

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Cost-Effective Home Heating

Heating your home with oil is a great way to stay warm without breaking the bank. With no necessary modifications to heating equipment, heating oil remains a competitively priced fuel for New Hampshire homeowners and business owners.

Don’t Miss Out on Big Rebates

Did you know there are hundreds of dollars in rebates up for grabs? That’s right—between local rebates and federal incentives, you can save a significant amount on the installation of a new ultra-low sulfur heating oil furnace, boiler, or fuel storage tank. Visit the link below to learn more and discover how to take advantage.


price savings for NH oil heat homeowners

Lowering Emissions & Saving Money with ULS Heating Oil

Discover the ways that the use of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and new heating equipment has helped NH homeowners lower emissions and save money across the state. Check out our Savings Calculator now!


Cost-Effective Home Heating

Stay warm without breaking the bank. Heating oil remains a competitively priced fuel for New Hampshire homeowners and business owners.