Safety & Protection

You can count on home heating oil from a local NH dealer to keep your home and family safe each winter.

A Safe Heating Solution for New Hampshire

There are so many reasons why homeowners in New Hampshire choose oil heat as their primary heating source, but it’s most valuable benefit is one that simply can’t be compromised: safety. Find out why home heating oil brings peace of mind to consumers each and every season:

  • Heating oil produces visible warning signs
    In the event of a malfunction, your oil heating system will produce obvious signs like smoke or soot. These are early indicators that something is wrong. Carbon monoxide leaks with home heating oil systems rarely occur and signs display long before dangerous levels of CO are released.
  • Heating oil is non-flammable
    In its liquid form, heating oil will only ignite when heated above 140 degrees. This is the temperature at which it begins to vaporize.
  • Heating oil is non-explosive
    Heating oil is non-explosive in its liquid form.

Local Providers You Can Trust

Oil heat customers have the unique opportunity to choose which company delivers their fuel and services their equipment. Local heating companies strive to provide service at any time and in any weather to keep homes and families in New Hampshire safe.

  • Prompt response, direct communication, and personalized service make selecting a local oil business the clear choice.
  • 24-hour emergency service and options like heating system service plans for maximum protection may be available, depending on your provider of choice.

There are so many benefits of heating with oil—especially for New Hampshire homeowners. Learn about new technologies, savings opportunities, and the service options many local oil companies offer.

safety and protection

New Hampshire’s Safe Energy Choice

Oil heat is a safe, efficient liquid heating fuel that you can count on to keep your family warm year after year.