How to Prepare Your Home to Consume Less Fuel This Winter

New Hampshire winters are colder than cold! And as a homeowner, you know that staying warm can tough during this frigid season. While staying warm and comfortable is a priority for your home and family, keeping your budget on track also deserves attention, too. We’re here to help with some top tips you can use this heating season to lower your fuel costs and reign in your heating budget. Follow these four hacks to keep your oil costs down this winter—your wallet will stay full, and it’ll also do a favor for the environment. 

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Keep Your Heating Budget on Track with These 4 Tips 

Add Insulation: This is an easy task to add to your to-do list. Add insulation throughout your home to make sure that the valuable heat you’re paying for stays in, and the cold stays out. Check the weather stripping and seals on doors and windows and replace them if they need it. Add insulated curtains, rugs for floors, and even wall hangings—anything to help keep heat in. You can get as creative as you like! 

Soak up the Sun: During the day, let the light in. It’s even a good idea to add some mirrors by windows to reflect the sun in your home. This will add warmth, light, and brighten up rooms, giving them that fine winter glow! Remove screens from windows you won’t be opening during the winter to get better light and move furniture obstructing the views. But remember, when the sun sets and the temperature dips, close the insulated curtains to keep your rooms cozy.  

Bundle Up with Layers: Lots of layers don’t have to mean drab sweats. You can style it up or down as much as you prefer. Whether you prefer classic hoodies, wool socks, or stylish fleece tops, the more layers you have on, the less likely you’ll be inclined to bump up the heat, which will save you on your oil bills. Consider that a little shopping trip to buy some new cozy layers could save you a couple hundred dollars or more across the heating season!  

Install a Programmable Thermostat: Every homeowner should take the step of installing a handy programmable thermostat. With one of these convenient gadgets, you can program your thermostat to lower the temperature while you’re away or sleeping, saving you valuable fuel—lowering your oil bills. Get in touch with your HVAC provider to see if they offer installations. 

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Enjoy Winter and Make a Fuel Budget 

Balancing a fuel budget and battling unpredictable winter weather can be tough for homeowners in New Hampshire, but hopefully these tips help you make the best of the heating season, so you can also enjoy the greatest parts that come with winter like holidays, winter sports, and family get-togethers. Remember to stay in touch with your HVAC provider and fuel delivery provider throughout the season. Keep a full tank of oil and always schedule annual maintenance for your heating system if you haven’t done so yet.