Calculating Lowered Emissions & Money Saved

Preserving our state for future generations is top of mind when we consider ways to shrink our carbon footprint. Let’s take a closer look at how ultra-low sulfur heating oil and new heating equipment have helped NH homeowners lower emissions and save money statewide!

3,240 TONS* of CO2 Emissions Reduced in NH


$653,500 SAVED* by NH Homeowners

How Are New Heating Systems Reducing CO2 Emissions in NH?

Higher-efficiency oil heating systems translate to more effective energy output—in fact, homeowners heating with ultra-low sulfur heating oil can save up to 30% per year on fuel usage with the installation of a new, high-efficiency boiler or furnace. Paired with a 97% airborne emission reduction since 2016, it’s clear that ultra-low sulfur heating oil and new heating equipment are helping us protect our state for future generations.

How Many Tons of CO2 Emissions Have Been Saved So Far?

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil and over 1,200 high-efficiency heating upgrades across the state is a winning combination, responsible for 3,240 tons of CO2 emissions reduced in New Hampshire. The best part? This number continues to grow with each high-efficiency heating upgrade that takes place!

How Much Will I Save on Emissions with New Heating Equipment?

According to the Department of Energy, upgrading your furnace or boiler from 56% to 90% efficiency in an average cold-climate house will save 2.5 tons of carbon dioxide emissions if you heat with ultra-low sulfur heating oil1. That incredible number is only made possible through the partnership of new high-efficiency heating equipment and ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

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*Calculations based on high-efficiency oil boiler and furnace upgrades made through the Granite State Saves with Oil program since 2019.