OHCNH Tech Advantage

Improving Profitability & Client Interaction

OHCNH is teaming up with ServicEdge's TechAdvantage to provide sales training sessions for technicians. Help your technicians develop and hone their selling skills, as well as improve day-to-day interactions with your clients.

Each session includes three modules which will help technicians become skilled with customer interaction and understand how to articulate the value proposition of various equipment sales opportunities.

  • MODULE 1: Being comfortable with customer interaction
  • MODULE 2: Identifying, documenting, and understanding how to articulate a value proposition
  • MODULE 3: Talking about your products and services, and creating valuable leads

Join Us for a Training Session:

September 21, 2016

19 Henniker Street, Concord, NH 03302
$25 Members/$50 Non-Members

In the HVAC-only industry, technicians have been required to have sales skills for decades. In our industry, through many generations, selling skills were not a required competency. This historical fact was born and perpetuated primarily from a lack of necessity. However, a lot has changed since 2008, and today's oil heat technicians need a broader set of skills. This expanded set of competencies must include sales and communication skills if they are going to help impact the industry's customer retention objectives over the long term. Statistically, over 40% of the oil-heated homes in the Northeast have at least one HVAC-related equipment sales opportunity. This represents an enormous potential for technicians to have an impact on revenue growth and new equipment sales.

Each Session Is Limited to 15 People. Sign Up Today to Reserve Your Spots!