The Cost for Consumers

New Hampshire transitioned to ultra-low sulfur heating oil in 2018. The first question oil heat customers across the state asked was, “How will this affect me?” The good news is that ULS heating oil has many environmental benefits. The better news is that heating oil with lower sulfur content has been proven to help save money on equipment service. The best news is that ultra-low sulfur heating oil adds no extra costs for New Hampshire residents.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil—No Added Costs!

Winters in the Northeast are no joke. We all know that cost is a major factor in how New Englanders choose to heat their homes and businesses. This is why New Hampshire is so proud to have made the transition to ULS heating oil. It’s a choice that is great for our environment, our wallets, and our future.

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is compatible with current oil heat equipment. There’s no need to upgrade, add on to, or alter your current oil heating equipment. You can start enjoying the benefits immediately. It’s that simple!

No Added Cost

Complete Convenience

With New Hampshire’s 2018 switch to ultra-low sulfur heating oil, you can kick back and take advantage of all that this cleaner, greener fuel has to offer.


Because ULS heating oil is compatible with your current oil heat equipment, you…
Will not have to purchase new equipment
Will not have to find a new energy provider
Will not lose access to available provider programs—like automatic delivery
Will not have to change your billing methods
On the other hand, ultra-low sulfur heating oil will help…
Decrease emissions
Improve air quality
Lower buildup in your system
Reduce maintenance frequency
Extend equipment lifespan
Save money on service costs

The Bottom Line?

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil causes no added costs for oil heat consumers. While the base price for ULS heating oil can be higher than traditional heating oil [1], the price difference is offset by the perks of increased efficiency, greater longevity, and the lack of necessary upgrades needed to accommodate the fuel.

Since 2018, oil heat consumers in New Hampshire have been taking advantage of the benefits of ultra-low sulfur heating oil at no additional cost.

Lowering Emissions & Saving Money with ULS Heating Oil

Discover the ways that the use of ultra-low sulfur heating oil and new heating equipment has helped NH homeowners lower emissions and save money across the state. Check out our Savings Calculator now!



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[1] Smart Touch Energy