Greater Savings with ULS Oil

Oil heat consumers in New Hampshire already know how efficient and affordable staying warm with oil can be. Along with its value in efficiency and safety, heating oil has proven to be a cost-effective energy source for homeowners and business owners across the state. In 2018, the transition to ultra-low sulfur heating oil helped customers save even more. Find out how ULS heating oil makes the most of your heating season budget.

Lower Sulfur Content, Cleaner Burn

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil isn’t just better for the air we breathe. It’s better for our heating equipment, too! ULS heating oil has just 15 ppm sulfur content, compared to traditional heating oil at 4,000 ppm. In a study at Brookhaven National Laboratory, researchers investigated how different levels of sulfur affected fouling and corrosion rates in heating equipment [1].

  • Fouling is the buildup of sludge and debris in your heating equipment. This will happen naturally over time with any type of heating oil. The more fouling that occurs in your system, the more frequently you have to have your equipment professionally cleaned.
  • Corrosion causes the deterioration of your equipment. Over time, this too will happen with any oil system. The faster your equipment corrodes, the sooner you will have to purchase a new one.

Researchers found that lowering sulfur content dramatically decreases the corrosion and fouling rates of boilers, and extends boiler heat exchanger cleaning intervals. This means that ultra-low sulfur heating oil will help New Hampshire oil heat customers save big on service costs!

Save More with Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

So how does the lower frequency of corrosion and boiler buildup translate into savings for oil heat customers?

  • Increased Efficiency
    A cleaner burn can increase thermal output. The reduction in buildup in your system will also help your equipment run more efficiently [2].
  • Reduced Maintenance
    Extended intervals between necessary cleanings reduces the amount of money spent on service work.
  • Equipment Longevity
    Less buildup in your heating system will help your equipment last longer, which will help you save money today and tomorrow.
  • No Added Cost
    Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is compatible with most oil heat systems. No need to upgrade!

New Hampshire’s switch to ultra-low sulfur heating oil in 2018 is helping oil heat customers spend less with more benefits.

Greater Savings

Lowering Emissions & Saving Money with ULS Heating Oil

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[1] Brookhaven National Laboratory [2] Smart Touch Energy