What Does ULS Mean?

In the Northeast, heating oil is a part of everyday life. Its reputation for safety, efficiency, and affordability has made it one of the top heating fuels for homeowners across New Hampshire. Now, the heating oil we know and love has become even cleaner and more cost effective. In 2018, New Hampshire joined other New England states in making the switch to ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

What Is Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil?

Ultra-low sulfur (ULS) heating oil is a heating fuel option for oil heat consumers with a lower sulfur content than traditional heating oil. Ultra-low sulfur heating oil has a sulfur content of 15 ppm (parts per million) compared to traditional heating oil’s 4,000 ppm [1]. Researchers at the Brookhaven National Laboratory have found that ULS heating oil significantly reduces emissions and improves heating system performance [2]. ULS heating oil is compatible with current heating oil equipment.

What Is ULS?

Benefits of Lower Sulfur Content


Less Pollution

Less Pollution

Lowering the sulfur content of heating oil to 15 ppm drastically reduces the amount of emissions. Burning ULS heating oil eliminates 99% of sulfur oxide emissions, compared to home heating oil with 4,000 ppm sulfur. Research has found ultra-low sulfur oil to produce significantly less nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions as well [3].

Greater Savings

Greater Savings

Improved efficiency for your heating system translates to greater cost savings. ULS heating oil extends the lifespan of heating equipment and increases the time between necessary cleanings. These factors, paired with better fuel economy, will help New Hampshire residents save money on annual heating costs.

No Added Cost

No Added Cost

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is compatible with most existing oil heating equipment. This means that New Hampshire’s transition to ULS heating oil will not incur any conversion costs or inconvenience for oil heat customers. Have questions about your current oil heat system and ULS? Contact your New Hampshire oil dealer.

Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil vs. Traditional Heating Oil

Ultra-low sulfur and traditional heating oil are petroleum products distilled from crude oil. The difference comes down to the refining process. Refiners use the process of hydrodesulfurization (HDS) to remove the sulfur component of diesel/heating oil fuels [4]. Switching to ULS heating oil allows NH oil customers to enjoy the benefits of oil heat, with the added perks of an even cleaner, greener fuel.


Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil Traditional Heating Oil
Sulfur: 15 ppm Sulfur: 4,000 ppm
Non-flammable Non-flammable
Reliable delivery from local dealers Reliable delivery from local dealers
Warm, efficient burn Warm, efficient burn
Extended equipment lifespan
Greater operating efficiency
Reduced NOx and SO2 emissions

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All About ULS

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