What to Do If You Lose Heat in New Hampshire

The winter season is back in full force, which means that so is the cold weather in New Hampshire! With frigid temperatures here to stay, losing heat can truly spell disaster for homeowners in New Hampshire during this time. Not only is losing heat an incredibly stressful situation for all involved, but the aftermath can be very costly. If your furnace or boiler system stops working, and you find yourself without heat this winter in New Hampshire, please reach out to your local oil provider for emergency heating services. But, before you do that, you can try out our tips below to save yourself an HVAC service call.

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Lose Heat in Your New Hampshire Home?

If you do find yourself experiencing heat loss in New Hampshire, no need to panic! Just follow the checklist below and see if you can correct whatever issue caused the outage:

No-Heat Checklist for Homeowners in New Hampshire

  • Check Fuel Tank: Check the gauge on your tank to see if you need a heating oil refill. If you do, contact your local oil provider right away.
  • Check Thermostat: Be sure your thermostat setting is switched to HEAT, and that the cooling function isn’t accidentally switched on instead.
  • Check Switches: Make sure all furnace and emergency switches are turned on.
  • Reset Button: Make sure you press the reset button on your furnace – ONLY ONCE.

If you’ve gone through the above checklist, and you still don’t have heat, please give your local oil provider a call. They will be able to assess your situation and send service people out to help correct a no-heat issue in your home or business.

Tips to Prevent a No-Heat Emergency

There are several things you can do to avoid a no-heat emergency in New Hampshire. Here’s a quick breakdown of some the steps you can take to keep your heating system running this winter:

Never Skip Your Yearly Tune-Up

One of the most important things you can do to avoid losing heat during winter is keep to your heating system’s maintenance schedule. The best time to schedule your annual tune-up service is during the fall, right before your heating system is pushed to its limit. This way you can troubleshoot any potential issues before the frigid winter temperatures set in. If you need to schedule a tune-up for your system, please reach out to your local oil provider.

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Keep an Eye on Your Oil Tank Levels

Make sure to always keep an eye on your fuel tank levels. Also, make sure you’re ordering fuel before your fuel tank reaches ¼ full. A good way to take care of this issue is by signing up for automatic fuel delivery.

Sign Up for Automatic Fuel Delivery

Monitoring your fuel tank and having to manually place your fuel orders can be a hassle. Luckily, most oil providers in NH offer hassle-free automatic fuel delivery services. With this service, your oil usage is tracked, and fuel is sent right to you, exactly when you need it. Contact your local oil provider for more information, and to set up automatic fuel delivery to avoid a no-heat emergency this winter!