Summer Safety for Your Oil Tank in New Hampshire

There are still several weeks of summer in New Hampshire left! This time of year, when you think “home comfort,” it’s likely that your home heating oil tank is the last thing on your mind! But what if we told you that this time of year is critical for fuel oil tank safety?

Your heating oil tank can suffer serious damage from summer heat and humidity if not properly cared for. Moist air can cause condensation in your fuel oil storage tank, leading to buildup that can later corrode the tank’s structure. Corrosion can require unexpected repairs or a total oil tank replacement. So, how can you protect your New Hampshire home heating oil tank in the summer?

Protect Your Fuel Oil Tank This Summer

Protecting your home heating oil tank during the summer is pretty simple. Order heating oil during the off-season!

Why order heating oil in the summer? When your tank is full of oil, there is no space for invasive condensation or moisture to collect inside your oil tank. Plus, you can eliminate the risk even further by keeping the area around your fuel oil tank properly ventilated. Consider leaving a cellar window cracked to increase airflow.

Reasons to Order Home Heating Oil in the Summer

When you order heating oil in the summer, you are taking steps to ensure home safety and oil tank integrity. In doing so, you can also benefit from these advantages:

  • Reduce the risk of an oil leak and property damage
  • Take advantage of off-season heating oil prices
  • Extend the lifespan of your home heating oil system
  • Gain peace of mind all season

Contact your local New Hampshire heating oil provider to order fuel oil today. Want even more peace of mind? Click here to learn more about home heating oil safety.