Spring Oil Boiler & Oil Furnace Upgrades in New Hampshire

Now that the weather is starting to warm up in New Hampshire, your heating system is probably not at the top of your spring to-do list. But now is actually the perfect time of year to think about upgrading your heating system.


Whether you have an oil boiler or oil furnace heating system, investing in a newer model can help you save energy and money for years to come.


5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Oil Heating Equipment this Spring

  1. Use Your Tax Return Wisely
    Put your spring tax return towards a sound investment that will deliver many long-term benefits for the future. Think of it as a credit toward a home investment project, and youll see a return on your investment in the form of fuel savings and reduced heating system repairs.  
  2. Save Big on Fuel Bills
    Homeowners in New Hampshire that upgrade their heating systems see a significant boost in fuel efficiency, which results in lower heating bills each winter. Think about how much you rely on your furnace or boiler during the winter. If you run it day and night for three months, thats over 2,100 hours! Upgrading to a high-efficiency oil heating system will save you money on the fuel oil used for each of those hours. 
  3. Gain Greater Peace of Mind
    Newer oil furnaces and oil boilers are more reliable than older systems. The same way that its hard to rely on a car once its reached a certain mileage, its hard to rely on a heating system to continue working well after 10-15 years of use. Upgrading will eliminate that stressor and give you peace of mind and security. 
  4. Reduce the Risk of Repairs
    Older oil heating systems experience more frequent operating issues, ranging from minor repairs to major breakdowns. Big or small, these repairs cost money, and as they get more frequent those repair costs really add up. Investing in a new system will help you limit these surpriseline items on your household budget. 
  5. Be Prepared for Next Winter
    Get ahead of the next heating season. When cold weather returns in the fall, youll feel better about already having a new furnace or boiler ready to keep your home warm. 

Contact your local full-service heating oil provider to get a quote on a new high-efficiency oil heating system. Your heating oil company can go over cost, savings opportunities through rebate programs, and recommend the best make and model for your home in New Hampshire.