Why to Keep Your Oil Tank Full Over the Summer

The warmer weather might be in full swing with the hottest days of the year still ahead of us, but staying on top of your home heating should remain a number one priority here in New Hampshire. Many customers here in our state are getting ready to hang up their heating oil hats as the weather is beginning to warm up, but there are several benefits to refilling your oil tank this time of year. Keep reading to learn why topping off your heating oil tank and keeping it full over the summer months can help you protect your heating equipment, prepare you for unexpected chilly nights, and help you save more money on energy this year.

Despite the Rising NH Temps, Your Oil Tank Needs a Summer Fill

Your home heating may not be the number one thing on your mind this season. With the outdoor temperatures rising, it’s easy to forget to refill your oil tank for the warmer temperatures ahead. Although you may not need or use all the heating oil within the next couple of months, there are multiple reasons why doing so can help ensure your overall home safety and peace of mind. When you schedule your spring oil tank refill with your local fuel provider, you can rest assured your tank will be better protected from damage, and that you will be able to freely switch on the heat during a chilly morning or night without worry. Check out our list below of the top reasons we recommend keeping your home heating oil tank full this summer.

Reason 1: Protect Your Oil Tank against Corrosion

Over the course of the warm days and cool nights in the coming season, heating oil tanks can collect condensation inside. This moisture eats away at the metal of the tank to a degree determined by the temperature extremes. You can protect your oil tank against this corrosion by keeping it topped off in the springtime, which leaves less room for condensation and rust to form inside.

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Reason 2: Be Prepared for Chilly Nights

Heating is relative based on the temperature outside: Hot days can make the evenings feel chilly! Don’t let the time of year prevent you from being comfortable in your own home. But, before you do, make sure there’s enough heating oil in your tank. Running your tank to empty can lead to added costs.

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Reason 3: Get Lower Heating Oil Pricing

Looking at oil prices throughout the years tells us that heating oil is the cheapest throughout the spring and summer seasons. Filling your oil tank during the spring and summer months ensures low prices on oil, which may not last forever.

Reason 4: Beat the Heating Rush

Does anyone like to stand in long lines? Of course not! Ordering ahead of the fall rush will get you priority scheduling for your heating oil delivery. Don’t sit in the cold for several days waiting for a refill. Schedule an oil delivery now with your oil provider and rest easy knowing that your family will have heat when you need it.

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Keep Your New Hampshire Oil Tank in Peak Condition this Summer

Don’t forget to schedule a heating oil refill and a heating system tune-up with your local fuel and HVAC service provider to ensure your oil tank stays in great condition for the seasons to come. Clean Oil Heat NH is here for those who use oil heating fuel in our state to provide our residents with important safety tips, helpful resources and suggestions. We strive to provide the information you need to help you feel confident heating your home with oil.