The Energy Source That Promotes a Sustainable Future

By Joseph Sculley, Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire
Environmental emissions are heavy on the hearts and minds of homeowners these days. There is an ever-present responsibility to make wise choices with respect to home heating fuel, and in particular, emission reduction. I wanted to share some information about ultra-low sulfur heating oil and what makes it an eco-friendly solution.

What Makes Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil Environmentally Friendly?

The primary advantage of ultra-low sulfur heating oil is right in the name: significantly lower sulfur content than traditional heating oil (15 parts per million compared to 4,000 parts per million). The Brookhaven National Laboratory found that ultra-low sulfur heating oil produces 97% fewer airborne emissions than traditional fuel. Additionally, ultra-low sulfur heating oil reduces nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions dramatically, creating a cleaner New Hampshire in the present and for generations to come.

One of the emissions that ultra-low sulfur fuel helps to reduce is nitrogen oxide, or NOx. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has linked NOx to visibility impairment, water quality deterioration, and even global warming. The continued use of ultra-low sulfur heating oil will result in a reduction of NOx emissions, helping to slow the advancement of these prominent environmental issues.

Reduction of these impairments and hazards will no doubt make for a cleaner environment and a safer New Hampshire—something we can all be proud of.

By continuing to order ultra-low sulfur heating oil from your local fuel marketer, you are supporting the businesses who are hiring members of your community, paying them fair wages in exchange for their hard work and knowledge, and offering local service to members of the counties to which they deliver. You’re also supporting the industry as we continue to develop lower-emission heating products for homeowners and business owners across New Hampshire.

To learn more about the ultra-low sulfur heating oil movement and emission-lowering initiatives in the fuels industry, visit You’ll discover more information about eco-friendliness, quality, cost savings, and environmental benefits associated with ultra-low sulfur heating fuel.