Are You Using Your Programmable Thermostat Properly to Save More on Heating Oil?

One of the most pressing concerns for homeowners in New Hampshire is winter home heating costs. With the persistent cold weather, turning up the heat is a necessity, and heating oil users require several deliveries over the harsh New England winters. Rising heating oil prices are causing many New Hampshire residents to seek ways to lower their overall heating costs and save on fuel, and an easy way to begin reducing is available at your fingertips! Keep reading to learn how to properly use and program your NH home thermostat to experience the most energy savings while keeping your home warm and comfortable throughout the coldest time of the year.

Tips for Efficiently Using Your Thermostat in New Hampshire

Read these quick tips for efficiently using your thermostat for winters in New Hampshire:

  • Lower your thermostat about 7° to 10°F for 8-hour-long periods each day.
  • When leaving the house for work or sleeping, lower your thermostat accordingly.
  • The smaller the difference between the temperature indoors and outdoors, the more you will save on energy costs throughout the year.
  • Keep your thermostat around 68°F while you’re awake or inside your home.

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How Much Money Can You Save By Correctly Programming Your Thermostat?

You can save anywhere between 10–15% a year on your heating expenses by setting your thermostat back 7° to 10°F for 8 hours each day. Adjust your thermostat before leaving for work and before bed each day to begin seeing a difference in your heating costs and in the frequency that you need to reorder heating oil deliveries in New Hampshire.

The Benefits of Smart Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostats

If you’d rather not have to remember to turn your thermostat up and down every day, you may want to take advantage of a special automated option. These nifty devices allow you to preset the temperature you want at each time of day. For example, if you are out of the house for work from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., you can set the temperature to lower a few degrees during that time. When you see the decrease in your energy bill, you’ll be glad you took the time to check out a programmable thermostat!

Plus, Wi-Fi programmable thermostats have features that allow you to set your indoor temperature from anywhere. You can log in to your app from your mobile device when you are away from your home, on vacation, or even in the comfort of your own bed, right down the hall from your wall thermostat, for the ultimate convenience and control over your home’s temperature and heating oil savings. Reach out to your heating oil delivery and HVAC provider to request an installation of a programmable smart thermostat in your home today!

When to Order Heating Oil in NH

The rate you use your heating oil in New Hampshire depends on a few key factors. Having more house guests and hot water heating needs (e.g. showers, dishwashing), as well as the outdoor temperature, your heating temperature preferences, and the size of your heating oil tank, will impact how quickly you use up your supply of heating oil. The best practice for maintaining your home’s safe and comfortable temperature through the cold winters in New England is to sign up for automatic deliveries or to monitor your tank and place a heating oil delivery with your fuel delivery or HVAC service provider when your tank reaches no less than ¼ storage capacity. Remember to periodically check your tank levels, even when regularly lowering the temperature on your thermostat, to reduce the risk of a heat-loss emergency.

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Rely On Cost-Effective Home Heating with Clean Oil Heat in NH

Heating your home with oil is a great way to stay warm without breaking the bank. With no necessary modifications to heating equipment, heating oil remains a competitively priced fuel for New Hampshire homeowners and business owners. Clean Oil Heat NH’s mission is to provide important information, helpful resources, and valuable news and facts about the oil heat industry to New Hampshire residents considering and comparing home heating options. To learn more about oil heat and our work to inform New Hampshire residents of this environmentally friendly and safe heating option, click here.