Is It Cheaper to Periodically Lower Your NH Thermostat?

Homeowners in New Hampshire have long debated the theory that it’s cheaper to turn down your thermostat while you’re out of the house—after all, doesn’t your heating oil furnace or boiler have to work harder to get back up to a comfortable temperature once you and your family members get home? Today, Clean Oil Heat NH is uncovering the truth once and for all.

Diving In: How to Save the Most on New Hampshire Home Comfort All Year

Believe it or not, turning your thermostat down while you’re out of the house or asleep IS the best way to reduce your energy bills. Here’s a prediction straight from the US Department of Energy:

You can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by simply turning your thermostat back 7°–10°F for 8 hours a day from its normal setting…In the summer, you can follow the same strategy with central air conditioning by keeping your house warmer than normal when you are away.

The Department of Energy also quells the belief that home heating oil furnaces and boilers have to work harder to “catch up” after a period of lower temperature. In reality, it’s just the opposite:

A common misconception associated with thermostats is that a furnace works harder than normal to warm the space back to a comfortable temperature after the thermostat has been set back, resulting in little or no savings…The lower the interior temperature, the slower the heat loss. So, the longer your house remains at the lower temperature, the more energy you save, because your house has lost less energy than it would have at the higher temperature.

Great! Now that we have that settled, let’s talk about low-maintenance ways that you can start taking advantage of this newfound knowledge. You can manage your thermostat manually, but there’s a much easier strategy that we’re going to share with you today.

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How to Automate Your New Hampshire Home’s Indoor Temperature

If you’d rather not have to remember to turn your thermostat up and down every day, you may want to take advantage of a special automated option. Ask your heating oil delivery and HVAC provider to install a programmable thermostat. These nifty devices allow you to preset the temperature you want at each time of day. For example, if you are out of the house for work from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., you can set the temperature to lower a few degrees during that time. When your energy bills are lower than they’ve ever been, you’ll be glad you did!

Contact your oil provider today to request a programmable thermostat installation. And while you’re thinking about it, check to see if you need a heating fuel tank refill, too.