The Cost Advantages of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil for NH Homeowners

Joseph Sculley, Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire
As I speak with more homeowners in New Hampshire, I’m often confronted with the reality that life is getting more expensive. During inflationary periods like the one we currently find ourselves in, it’s important to consider all the ways in which residents can save money and bring the costs of living down. Homeowners may not think there’s any wiggle room on energy costs, but there is. Using ultra-low sulfur heating oil is a practical way that residents of New Hampshire can keep their energy costs low without having to spend money on converting their oil heating equipment. Today I’d like to expand on this topic and inform homeowners of all the ways in which using ultra-low sulfur heating oil can help us all save money and prolong the lifespan of heating equipment.

Save Money on Fuel & Prolong Equipment Lifespan

Ultra-low sulfur heating oil provides specific advantages to heating equipment. First of all, it contains just 15 parts per million sulfur content, compared to 4,000 parts per million sulfur content of standard heating oils. A recent study conducted by Brookhaven National Laboratory showed how different levels of sulfur content in heating oil contributed to corrosion and fouling rates in heating equipment. Not familiar with corrosion or fouling in relation to heating oil? Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Corrosion causes heating equipment to deteriorate over time. The sooner equipment corrodes, the sooner a replacement is needed.
  • Fouling is the continued buildup of debris and sludge that impacts the performance of heating equipment. The more frequent fouling becomes, the more money will have to be spent on getting heating equipment cleaned.

Now, it’s important to note that both corrosion and fouling will occur in any heating system over time. However, one of the cost-saving benefits of using ultra-low sulfur heating oil in existing heating equipment is that these situations will happen less frequently.

As mentioned earlier, ultra-low sulfur heating oil usage can extend equipment lifespan and reduce energy costs without requiring the need to spend money on expensive conversions. In addition to the low-sulfur content of the oil helping to prolong the life of the equipment and make it more energy efficient, the reduced corrosion and fouling can lessen maintenance costs. All these benefits make continued use of ultra-low sulfur heating oil an ideal way for homeowners in New Hampshire to keep their energy costs low in times of extraordinary inflation.

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