Why Fuel Providers Support NH’s Adoption of Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil

By Joseph Sculley, Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire
My discussions with New Hampshire homeowners have uncovered a common question—why are home heating oil delivery providers so supportive of the state’s movement toward ultra-low sulfur heating oil? Many homeowners understand that it would be easier and simpler for fuel providers to continue delivering the fuel they’ve always known and sold. Here is some information that will shed some light on the oil marketers’ perspective and the reason behind their strong support for ultra-low sulfur heating oil delivery in New Hampshire.

Fuel Providers Want to Maximize Homeowner Benefit

People who choose to work in a service industry (such as heating oil delivery providers) all have one thing in common—taking care of their customers and community is of utmost importance. New Hampshire implemented ultra-low sulfur heating oil statewide in 2016 with the adoption of the Clean Heating Oil Act, and any outstanding providers were pleased to jump aboard when they saw all the reasons to love lower-sulfur energy.

The benefits homeowners experience while using ultra-low sulfur heating oil are significant. Increased efficiency due to reduced sludge buildup in heating equipment can lessen maintenance fees and fuel costs, meaning you can often go longer between cleanings and conserve your fuel usage. Additionally, the reduced cleaning needs can promote equipment longevity to extend your heating system’s lifespan—and ultra-low sulfur fuel oil requires no expensive conversions, as it is compatible with traditional heating oil equipment.

In addition to cost-savings benefits for homeowners, this transition to 15 sulfur parts-per-million from 4,000 was a huge environmental win. Local fuel providers were more than supportive of the change because of the advancements it would provide for their community. Kim Weiland, area manager for Dead River Company in Manchester, testified in support of the change: “It’s not very often that we see legislation that benefits everyone, including consumers and businesses, as well as the environment.”

We heard similar support from Bob Sculley of the Energy Marketers Association of New Hampshire: “This is a huge win for both the economy and the environment in New Hampshire.”

Ultimately, New Hampshire oil dealers want to provide prompt, reliable delivery to customers across the state with an eco-friendly product that’s comparable in price to traditional fuel and delivers environmental and financial benefits. Today, that means providing ultra-low sulfur heating oil.

Visit CleanOilHeatNH.com to learn more about ultra-low sulfur heating oil and other advancements in the New Hampshire fuels industry.