Your Questions Answered about Automatic Heating Oil Delivery in New Hampshire

Daylight saving time has come and gone, which marks the start of the cold season here in New Hampshire. Have you placed your first heating oil order of the season? What if we told you that there was one easy way to take care of your heating oil deliveries for the entire winter season? Good news: there is! Automatic oil delivery is a great option for New Hampshire homeowners that want convenient fuel deliveries from their local heating oil company.

Read on to get the answers to commonly asked questions about automatic oil delivery in New Hampshire.


Automatic Heating Oil Delivery FAQs

How does automatic heating oil delivery work? 

Your local oil heat dealer will create a custom delivery schedule based on your exact heating needs. Your heating oil company will use state-of-the-art technology, often called a Degree Day System, to track daily weather and fuel usage to estimate when you’ll need your next oil delivery.

What are the benefits of automatic heating oil deliveries? 

  • Complete Convenience 
    No need to pick up the phone or plan ahead around deliveries.
  • More Peace of Mind 
    Automatic heating oil delivery significantly reduces the risk of running out of oil, which can cause serious damage to your equipment and put your family at risk.
  • Easier Budgeting 
    A custom delivery schedule translates into more efficient fill-ups, which can help you make the most of your heating season spending.

Does automatic oil delivery cost more? 

You might be wary that this service costs more or that companies encourage signing up to sell you more oil than you actually need. Wrong! Most New Hampshire heating oil companies offer this service free of charge.

Do I ever have to check my tank?

Automatic oil delivery customers don’t need to check their tank gauge in order to schedule fuel deliveries. However, it is best practice to keep an eye on your tank just in case. Your oil provider will track your usage and make deliveries automatically, but a sudden increase in usage (like property additions or adding more members to your household) could throw off your typical schedule. Let your energy provider know about any changes that could affect your typical fuel use to help avoid a no-fuel heating emergency.

How do I sign up for automatic oil delivery?

Contact your local heating oil company and ask if they offer automatic delivery.