Top 5 Reasons NH Homeowners Love Automatic Oil Delivery

Autumn is officially here! The first day of fall marks the official beginning of the colder season. Families are picking out pumpkins for jack-o-lanterns, storing their patio furniture, and getting ready to rake leaves. Is ordering heating oil on your ever-growing fall to-do list? It doesn’t have to be! Automatic oil delivery is a super-helpful service that many New Hampshire heating oil companies provide to their customers. Automatic delivery is a convenient tool many NH homeowners are using to make heating their home less of a hassle. On the fence about automatic oil delivery? Read on to learn exactly how it works and why so many oil customers are using it every year.

How Does Automatic Oil Delivery Work?

Every heating oil company has its own unique guidelines, but the standard automatic delivery process is pretty straightforward. Your heating oil provider will monitor your fuel oil tank levels to create your custom delivery schedule. They take into account factors like daily weather and household size to accurately estimate when your tank is due for a refill. Then, they automatically schedule your heating oil delivery—just like that. No gimmicks, only deliveries when you need them.

5 Reasons to Sign up for Automatic Oil Delivery

Here are the top 5 reasons why homeowners in New Hampshire choose automatic oil delivery:

1. Total Convenience
When you have automatic oil delivery, you don’t have to worry about remembering to manually order heating oil by phone or online. Even better, you don’t even have to be home when your oil is delivered.

2. More Peace of Mind
Signing up for automatic oil delivery significantly reduces the risk of running out of heating oil. Running out of oil is a dangerous scenario that is harmful to your safety and to your oil tank.

3. Easier Household Budgeting
When your heating oil company creates your custom delivery schedule, you receive more efficient fill-ups which can translate into seasonal savings.

4. No Additional Cost
Most, if not all, heating oil providers in New Hampshire that offer automatic oil delivery offer it at no additional charge! That means you can get all of these benefits without any added cost.

5. Spending More Time at Home
Are you working from home? Do you have children learning remotely? The more time your family spends at home this fall and winter, the more fuel you will use. Automatic oil delivery will ensure that you have the fuel you need. If you are already on auto delivery, just make sure you let your heating company know that members of your household will be working or learning from home so that they can factor that into their delivery calculations.

Get in touch with your local heating oil dealer in New Hampshire and ask about their automatic delivery program today!