How to Keep Your NH Oil Tank Protected during Summer

Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your heating oil storage tank if you don’t take the proper precautions. Even though it’s summer, every New Hampshire homeowner should be thinking about his or her heating oil storage tank. There are some important maintenance procedures you should work into your seasonal routine to help extend your tank’s longevity so it can keep you warm and comfortable for years to come.

Keep Your Tank Full to Prevent Condensation and Damage

The most important thing you can do to keep your oil tank safe during the summer is to make sure there is enough oil in it. Too little oil can lead to condensation and internal rusting, which is invisible to the naked eye until your tank leaks through. If this happens, you might have to deal with the cost of unexpected repairs and cleanup or even having to replace the tank altogether. The good news is oil prices are at an all-time low right now—if you need your oil storage tank filled, now’s the time to do it. Contact your oil dealer today to request a delivery.

Schedule an Annual Oil System Tune-Up and Safety Inspection

Annual preventative maintenance is a great way to check up on your oil system to see how it’s doing. HVAC inspection professionals can inspect your tank’s sides, legs, and bottom to check for any dark spots or rusting that could indicate internal damage. Getting a tune-up also allows for a professional to look at your tank to make sure that it is operating safely and at peak efficiency.

Keep Your Home and Family Safe with Common Sense Measures

Even if your home heating system is turned off for the summer, it’s still a good idea to keep all flammable materials and liquids far away from your heating system. That way, when the cold weather returns once again, you won’t have to think about preparing your oil unit before you can turn it back on.

Take Action Today

Contact your local New Hampshire oil dealer today if you’d like to place an oil delivery request or schedule an annual tune-up. Remember, the better you take care of your home heating oil storage tank, the better and longer it can take care of you!