4 Reasons to Regularly Order Heating Oil in New Hampshire

So far, the winter of 2020 has been keeping New Hampshire residents on their toes. We’ve experienced heavy snowfall, near-zero temperatures, and random thermostat spikes that feel like a spring thaw. But don’t be fooled by mild weather! It is important to regularly order heating oil during the winter months, especially during these unpredictable weather patterns. Here’s why:

  1. Protect your heating system and oil tank
    Running out of heating oil can cause serious damage to your oil boiler or furnace. Plus, keeping your oil tank full can help protect your tank itself. When your oil tank isn’t full, there is room for condensation to build up inside which can lead to internal corrosion. Keeping your oil tank full will help prevent this threat of deterioration and will keep your oil heating system running smoothly.
  2. Prevent freezing pipes and related damages
    If you run out of heating oil, your heating equipment isn’t the only thing at risk! Without heat, your pipes are at risk of freezing and bursting, even if there is a “warm snap,” which is a huge mess to clean up and very expensive to repair.
  3. Stay ahead of surprise winter weather
    When the next alert of a Nor’easter pops up on the radio, during the nightly news, or on your weather app, you don’t want to be scrambling like the rest of the neighborhood to order fuel before the snow starts to fall. Homeowners that regularly order their fuel oil are more likely to have the fuel they need for winter weather.
  4. Keep your family safe and warm
    Perhaps the most important reason of all! Ordering heating oil from your local New Hampshire fuel company is a best practice that will keep your family safe and warm. Inconveniences associated with running out of heating oil, like freezing pipes and no-heat scenarios, can be dangerous when temperatures are below freezing.

Easy Ways to Get Consistent Heating Oil Deliveries

Find a local heating oil provider in your New Hampshire town that makes it easy to order heating oil. Many heating oil companies in NH offer perks like easy online ordering and automatic fuel oil delivery. When you sign up for automatic oil delivery, you don’t even have to worry about ordering oil yourself. Your heating oil company will create a custom oil delivery schedule just for you and make oil deliveries when your tank is due for a fill-up.