The Number One Way to Protect Your NH Heating Oil Tank

Summer is right around the corner, and there’s an important appliance sitting in your home hoping not to be forgotten: your heating oil storage tank. If you’re a New Hampshire resident, you know just how hot our summers can get! After all, we frequently see three-digit temperatures on our thermometers. Your heating oil storage tank is starting to sweat just thinking about it—and here’s the problem with that. New Hampshire heating oil storage tanks can face damaging corrosion caused by condensation that arises during the hot weather. The good news is, there’s a simple solution:

You can protect your heating oil tank by filling it up with oil over the summer.

Sure, you may not use much oil during the summer—so why do you need to place an order from your local fuel provider? Filling your tank with oil actually helps protect it from the damaging condensation we mentioned earlier. When your tank is full of oil, there’s less room for water to build up. Less water means less rust, and less rust means less damage. Here are three other reasons to fill your tank now.

You’ll Be Prepared for Cold Nights & Warm Showers

Heating is relative based on the temperature outside: 90-degree days can make 50-degree nights feel freezing! Don’t let the time of year prevent you from being comfortable in your own home. But, before you do, make sure there’s enough heating oil in your tank. Running your tank to empty can lead to added costs. Be ready for that first cold night, so you can be stress-free when you want to turn that heat on. Besides, you’re still going to need oil for all your hot water needs, including bathing, dishwashing, laundry, cooking, and more.

Off-Season Orders Unlock Lower Heating Oil Pricing

As pandemic and travel restrictions lighten, the price of oil will soon start rising. Looking at oil prices throughout the years tells us that heating oil is the cheapest throughout the spring and summer seasons. Global overproduction of crude heating oil has kept heating bills lower until recently, allowing New Hampshire customers to consistently enjoy affordable heating oil prices during the warm seasons.

Ordering Now Helps You Beat the Heating Rush

Does anyone like to stand in long lines to wait for services? Of course not! Ordering ahead of the fall rush will get you priority scheduling for your heating oil delivery. Don’t forgo cold water or risk your heating oil storage tank’s integrity for several days waiting for a refill. Contact your oil provider now for fuel and rest easy knowing that your family will have heat when you need it.

Ready to protect your heating oil storage tank and stop it from sweating at the high summer temperatures? Get in touch with your local heating oil provider to schedule a delivery this week.