Easy Ways to Save on New Hampshire Home Comfort This Spring

It’s been another cold winter, and your home comfort equipment has been working hard to keep you warm since you turned it on last fall. As we move into the warm season, it will be exciting for many New Hampshire homeowners and residents to break out the beach supplies and camping gear—but don’t forget about your home and its appliances! Your house’s HVAC equipment can make or break your year-round comfort. Take good care of it, so it can take good care of you.

Here are a few of our favorite energy-saving tips that you can use to help reduce your home comfort bills in 2021.

#1: Schedule Heating & Cooling Tune-Ups

Booking annual cleanings for your heating and cooling systems offers many benefits, such as minimizing the risk of a breakdown, extending the life of your equipment, and improving performance for your comfort. Is your equipment in need of a little more than a cleaning? Put your stimulus payment toward a high-efficiency replacement that will maximize your energy savings for years to come.

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#2: Soak up the Sun’s Warmth

On hot, sunny days, open blinds and curtains to soak up the free warmth. Hot sunrays streaming through your windows can quickly bump up the temperature in the room, giving your heating system a break and really making that last oil delivery go the distance. Be sure to close blinds when the sun sets to lock in the warmth until morning!

#3: Recycle Warm Air with Ceiling Fans

Did you know your ceiling fan can push warmed air back down to your living space, rather than letting it get stuck at the ceiling or go back into the vents? During the shoulder season, run your fan on a slow clockwise rotation to push the heat back down, so you can enjoy uncompromised comfort.

#4: Plan Your Meals Wisely

There’s no reason to wait until Memorial Day to break out the grill! Barbecue dinner outside this weekend or refrain from cooking at all. Both methods will save you energy and oil inside your home since you won’t need the stove or microwave to heat up your food. Sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even cheese boards are all fun and delicious ways to feed your family without needing heat.

Want help preparing your HVAC system for the upcoming season? Contact your local home comfort experts for assistance with these tips and more.