How a Service Plan Can Make Your Heating Costs More Predictable

Winters in New Hampshire can prove tough to take with sub-zero temperatures, ice, and snow. It sure gets cold! Living in a climate like New Hampshire’s means that you rely on your heating system to provide warmth and comfort for you and your family all season long. If you’ve lived through a few New Hampshire winters, then you already know how much winter heating can cost. The costs can add up quickly between fuel, tune-ups, and repairs for your furnace or boiler.

What if you could cut some heating maintenance costs and add value to your home comfort by enrolling in a service plan with your home comfort provider? You definitely would. A service plan from your provider could grant you maintenance security, possibly emergency services, and discounts on repairs. When you consider the expense of maintaining your heating system, signing up for a service plan to make your costs more predictable is a no-brainer.

What a Heating Service Plan Offers in NH

A service plan seeks to provide annual maintenance items of importance  to oil heat consumers. You’ll get value in terms of service and price. A typical plan usually includes:

  • An annual heating system tune-up
  • An annual system safety check
  • Many parts that commonly need replacement at no additional cost
  • 24/7 response to system problems or heat-out conditions

At Clean Oil Heat, we highly recommend all heating oil users enroll in a service plan to take the guesswork out of winter preparations and maximize heating budget efforts. Maintaining a tuned heating system can save up to 10% on heating costs, which can mean an average of 70 gallons per season and increased system reliability.

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Enroll in a Heating Service Plan in NH Today

Find out today if your provider offers a heating oil service plan to help you maintain your heating system. You could start saving before winter arrives. Don’t risk another expensive heating season when you can take advantage of new deals. Enroll in a service plan today.