Spending More Time at Home Can Increase Your Heating Oil Usage

With the winter weather in full swing in New Hampshire, many factors affect your heating oil usage. Spending more time at home and entertaining extra house guests during the holidays will increase your home heating oil usage, causing you to need fuel oil refills more frequently. Whether you are a will-call oil delivery customer or enrolled in an automatic fuel delivery service through your local heating oil provider, it’s essential to remember that you may be using more heating oil than usual during the winter festivities.

If you and your family are spending more time at home this season, whether that be working or schooling remotely or hosting out-of-town guests, keep a closer eye on your oil storage tank gauge, and make your fuel oil provider aware of your additional oil usage to reduce the risk of a fuel run out. Please keep reading to learn our top tips for staying on track with fuel oil delivery requests to keep your NH house safe and warm. After all, you’ll be spending more time at home than ever, so you may as well make the most of it and enjoy total comfort.

Enrolled in Automatic Oil Delivery in New Hampshire? Check-in with Your Oil Provider

Automatic oil delivery recipients in New Hampshire often forget to report additional fuel usage during the busy holiday season. If you are expecting house guests or are entertaining over the winter season, let your fuel oil provider know the additional number of people in your home. This can affect your projected fuel usage and help your fuel company better determine your next fuel oil delivery with greater accuracy. A great practice is to keep an eye on your oil tank’s fill gauge to reduce the risk of a no-heat situation during the peak of your wintertime celebrations. Check out the rest of the tips below for more information on how to determine your fuel levels.

How to Check Your Oil Storage Tank’s Fill Gauge

Are you familiar with your heating oil storage container’s tank gauge? This small circular dial can be found on the top or side of your oil tank, and it tells you how much fuel oil is remaining in your tank. Check to see where the needle is, just like reading your car’s gas gauge. Is it full, ¾, ½, ¼, or empty?

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Order Oil before Your Gauge Reads ¼

To accommodate upcoming cold temperatures and your home heating preferences, you should place an oil refill request before your tank reaches the 1/4th capacity marker. This will leave you with enough time to get your oil refill from your fuel provider’s delivery team before your tank runs out of oil, which isn’t great for your furnace, boiler, or water heater.

How Do I Remember to Check My Fuel Gauge?

Your oil tank is probably in the basement, so checking the tank gauge frequently might not cross your mind—after all, you have enough to think about these days. We recommend writing a note on your calendar or setting a reminder on your smartphone to check your oil tank gauge. This is a dependable, low-maintenance way to ensure you have enough fuel without relying on memory to check your gauge. As they say, the shortest pencil is greater than the longest memory!

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High-Efficiency Oil Heating Can Save You Money and Energy This Winter

When you’re ready to place a New Hampshire heating oil delivery request, you can do so quickly by placing a call or an online order with your local heating oil provider. Clean Oil Heat NH wants the best for every oil delivery customer, and that includes keeping your home warm and safe this winter and for many more to come! Check out Clean Oil Heat NH online resources to learn about oil heat benefits, reasons to upgrade your heating oil system to high-efficiency equipment, and discover Fuel Assistance in New Hampshire.