What You Need to Know about Ultra-Low Sulfur Heating Oil in NH

Have you heard about ULS heating oil? If you heat your home or business in New Hampshire, it’s likely that you have. In 2018, New Hampshire officially made the transition from traditional home heating oil to ultra-low sulfur heating oil. This means that all of the heating oil sold in the state of New Hampshire is ultra-low sulfur heating oil. It’s better for the environment, better for your heating equipment, and even better for your wallet.

Read on to get the facts about ultra-low sulfur heating oil and feel good about the heating oil you use to stay warm through the winter.

ULS Questions

ULS Heating Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ultra-low sulfur heating oil?

A: Ultra-low sulfur heating oil is home heating oil that has just 15 parts per million (ppm) sulfur content. Compared to traditional home heating oil, which has 4,000 ppm sulfur content in New Hampshire, ultra-low sulfur heating oil has 99% less sulfur.

Q: What makes ULS heating oil better for the environment?

A: Lower sulfur content has been linked to many significant environmental benefits by research conducted by the Brookhaven National Laboratory*. This is primarily because heating oil with lower sulfur content produces significantly fewer emissions. ULS heating oil produces 99% fewer sulfur dioxide emissions, 97% fewer airborne emissions, and up to 30% fewer nitrous oxide emissions. All of these emissions have been named harmful to our public health and the environment.

Q: Can ULS heating oil be used in my oil heating system?

A: Yes! ULS heating oil is compatible with current oil heat boilers and furnaces. In fact, it burns cleaner than traditional heating oil and causes less soot and ash buildup in your equipment.

Q: Does ULS heating oil cost more?

A: No, like traditional home heating oil the cost of ULS heating oil can fluctuate but it continues to be an affordable heating option for New Hampshire homeowners. Plus, because ULS burns cleaner it can help homeowners spend less on equipment maintenance and cleanings.

Q: How can I start using ULS heating oil in my home?

A: If you order heating oil in New Hampshire, you’re already using ULS heating oil! In 2018, a bill was passed into law making ULS heating oil the standard heating oil for sale in the state of New Hampshire. Contact your local heating oil provider with additional questions, or to order your ULS heating oil today.

*Source: Brookhaven National Laboratory