How to Avoid Running Out of Heating Oil in New Hampshire

Winter in New Hampshire is getting closer and closer with each passing day, and homeowners are already starting to order heating oil deliveries to stay warm. As you settle into the routine of monitoring your oil tank fuel level, read these suggestions to learn how to protect your home and even simplify your fuel oil ordering schedule.

How to Read Your Fuel Oil Storage Tank Gauge

Are you familiar with your oil tank and how to determine when you need a heating fuel delivery? It’s a simple task that you can easily monitor. Here are some steps to follow when you want to check on your fuel oil storage tank’s current levels:

  1. Visit your fuel tank. Most oil tanks are in the basements of New Hampshire homes.
  2. Check the site glass on top of the tank and read it like your car’s gas gauge: F, ¾, ½, ¼, E.
  3. You’ll want to place a fuel oil refill request by the time the needle reaches the ¼ mark.

Avoid a Fuel Emergency by Checking Fuel Levels Regularly

It’s a good idea to check your fuel levels routinely so that it becomes a habit. Take weather into account when planning your deliveries, too—heavy storms and extremely cold weather can make heating systems run longer and make roads become blocked. Be sure to order before a winter storm so you have the oil you need to keep your home warm and protected.

Spending more time at home this year?

If you’re going to be staying home more this winter to accommodate remote working or learning, you may need more fuel oil than in previous years. If you want to have enough fuel oil to keep your home safe and warm, be sure to stay in communication with your fuel oil provider and let them know if you expect any changes in usage this year.

Strategies to Simplify Your Fuel Oil Monitoring

A great way to decrease your chance of a fuel runout is by signing up for automatic oil delivery. This takes out the human error that anyone can make when monitoring their own fuel tank levels. You can also have a tank monitor installed. The monitor keeps you posted about fuel levels through app on your smartphone. To get started with these oil heating technologies, contact your New Hampshire oil dealer to learn what options are available through their fuel oil delivery team!

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