How to Avoid Scary Heating Situations in New Hampshire This Winter

It’s October, and many New Hampshire residents are busy enjoying the changing leaves and the brisk weather that brings with it a sense of peace and calm before the holidays. Some New Hampshirites are even taking some time in October to seek out spooky adventures, like haunted houses and Halloween-themed amusement parks.

We find it exhilarating to be scared—but only when we directly intend for it to happen! One example of a scary situation we do not enjoy is finding out that our furnace or boiler is broken right before the first snowfall of the year. The good news is that there are a handful of precautionary steps you can take to help ensure that the only scare your family gets this fall is from a haunted attraction.

Top 4 Steps to Avoid a No-Heat Situation in NH:

Step 1: Sign up for automatic heating oil delivery.

The very best way to protect your family from a spooky situation this winter is to sign up for automatic home heating oil delivery through your fuel provider. This simple step, which is often available at no extra charge, will allow you to kick back and relax. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your fuel marketer will manage your fuel tank levels for you, delivering automatically when you need a refill. This significantly reduces the risk of a no-fuel emergency during the chilliest months.

Step 2: Schedule your HVAC equipment tune-ups.

A critical part of winter preparedness is scheduling annual maintenance for your heating (and water heating, and air conditioning) equipment. Many HVAC service providers call this a yearly tune-up. Tune-ups provide excellent benefits that help you save on operating costs, such as increasing your fuel economy and catching small issues before they turn into large problems.

Read Step 3 to find out how you can get a tune-up included with a variety of other savings, including percent-off discounts on your next service appointment or after-hours call.

Step 3: Enroll in a heating oil service plan with your HVAC company.

If you’re not already part of a heating oil service plan, check your fuel provider’s website to see what options they offer. For one low annual fee, most service plans include a yearly tune-up along with access to after-hours service, discounts on repairs and part replacements, and sometimes even rebates toward the replacement of your HVAC system.

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Step 4: Plan for winter snow removal.

Finally, you’ll want to iron out your snow removal plan. After all, heating oil delivery companies operate huge trucks that need driveway access to refill your fuel tank. Automatic and will-call oil customers alike will need to plan for plowing or shoveling, because as you know, New Hampshire gets quite a bit of snowfall each winter! Along with clearing your driveway of ice and snow, you will also want to arrange for salting or sanding, as well as clearing a path to your oil fill tank. This combo will allow your oil providers to make safe and efficient deliveries of your fuel.

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Want more tips on how to protect your New Hampshire home from unexpected spooks and scares this fall and winter? Click here to read more about safety and protection when it comes to home heating oil. We wish you a safe and enjoyable season!