Why Heating Oil Is the Fuel of Choice in New Hampshire

Let’s face it—New Hampshire faces some of the coldest winters around. In fact, it’s in the top 10 coldest states in the country. With that type of record, local homeowners like you are always going to need a reliable source of heating fuel to keep your home safe and warm. We’re here to let you know why home heating oil is your best bet when it comes to NH home heating, and why to stick with this reliable fuel even when bombarded with alternative energy options.

Heating Oil Is a Safe Option for Your Family

This fuel is one of the most common fuels that is naturally nonexplosive and nonflammable, resulting in a fuel source that’s one of the safest options available for your New Hampshire home and family. When you choose fuel oil, you can feel great knowing that you’re choosing an option that offers unmatched security for your home.

Heating Oil Is Abundant and Affordable

We know that supply and demand determine fuel pricing—since fuel oil is so common in the Northeastern states due to its high capacity for heat production, it’s one of the more affordable options for New Hampshire homeowners. Plus, New Hampshire has a fuel assistance program to help homeowners in need afford home heating oil to keep their properties cozy and safe.

Heating Oil Is Getting Cleaner & Greener

With new fuel innovations and advancements like biodiesel blends and ultra-low sulfur developments, heating oil is becoming cleaner and cleaner as time goes on. In fact, the New England oil industry has made a commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050. In the meantime, emissions are being reduced steadily, allowing you to feel proud of the eco-friendly movement you’re supporting.

Want to learn more about the benefits of home heating oil?

Ready to learn even more benefits of using home heating oil to keep your New Hampshire property warm? Reach out to your heating oil delivery provider and ask for more details about the safe, affordable, emission-reducing fuel that you’ve come to know and love. They’ll be more than happy to discuss the abundance of compelling perks with you.