Oil Heat Safety for New Hampshire Homeowners

Oil heat is a safe, clean, abundant, and affordable fuel for New Hampshire homeowners—and now, it’s cleaner than ever with ultra-low sulfur content and fewer atmospheric emissions. It’s no wonder that nearly half of all households in NH choose to heat with this cool fuel.[1] Here are some tips to help you keep your oil heating equipment running properly and safely throughout the seasons:


4 New Hampshire Oil Heat Safety Suggestions

1. Schedule Oil Heating System Annual Maintenance and Inspection

Scheduling annual maintenance for your oil-fired home heating equipment is critical to maintaining an effective and efficient heating system. Having an oil tank and its parts checked by a trained professional as part of the annual oil heat maintenance process is always beneficial to the integrity of the oil tank and the safety of the home.


2. Watch for Visible Signs of Corrosion or Leaks

Outside of an annual oil heating inspection, it’s crucial to be aware of your oil tank to check for signs of possible corrosion—or worse, leaks. One way to protect against both of these issues is by keeping your oil tank full throughout the year, especially during the warmer months. A full heating oil tank has less room for condensation to collect, reducing the risk of rust and deterioration.


3. Maintain Oil Fill Pipe Safety

During high wind and snowstorms, debris like branches and ice can cover or fall on your oil fill pipe. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your fill pipe and clear away anything that may be hindering it or creating a dangerous situation.


4. Be Aware of Your Oil Tank Feed Line

Is your oil feed line exposed to concrete? If the answer is “yes,” it’s time for an oil tank replacement! The chemical interaction of these materials can cause a scenario where your feed line may degrade and leak. Be sure to have your feed line replaced with a modern coated line located above the floor. This is an easy fix that can help avoid serious leak issues. Call your heating oil dealer today to schedule a service.


Have Questions about Oil Heat Safety?

Many full-service home heating oil providers in New Hampshire offer 24/7 service for their customers, and would be pleased to answer your oil heat safety questions. As an additional resource, feel free to check out our Safety & Protection web page for more information.


[1] https://censusreporter.org/data/table/?table=B25040&geo_ids=01000US,04000US33&primary_geo_id=01000US